Wednesday, January 26, 2011

QOL: Tea

I love tea, especially green tea, which is good for you and doesn't need sweeteners or cream. In Western culture, we tend to focus on food when we gather together in large or small groups. We can't seem to socialize without a large caloric intake. Why not try serving a really good, satisfying tea instead, when company comes to visit? At our house we always have coffee going in the winter, but year round when somebody comes by after noon, the first thing I (usually) do is put the kettle on.

My green tea brewing habits have been pretty slapdash in the past, often not even waiting for the boiled water to cool for five minutes before infusing (I know, I'm barbarian), but after discovering the Chan Tea site via a tweet by Tula Teas, I think I may have to change my ways. I can already smell the perfume of properly brewed green tea!