Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bev Report 14: home at last

This is pretty belated, sorry, but Bev came home last Friday (two days ago). It was a bit abrupt, and we went into high gear when she told us she'd be checking out in a few hours. We had to put a bed together for her and do a couple of other things to get her house ready. Luckily, her husband really came through and did some major cleaning: yay!

Then we hosted a Civil War Cavalry Training thing Saturday and today, so we were a bit preoccupied. Anyway, she's home and doing much better. Pulse is down, anxiety is gone, edema is pretty much gone, and she's sleeping through the night. Oral meds are keeping up with the pain, too. Now she can really start healing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bev Report 13: detox

Well, the surgeon decided to switch Bev from IV drip pain meds to oral this morning. Just like that. No transition. Can you say "catastrophic detox"? She was a total wreck inside of four hours. When I got there the hospital psych was there and they were giving her something for anxiety, amongst other things. The pain Doc showed up a few minutes later and had a fit...then put her back on the machine. Tomorrow they'll continue weaning her from IV to oral meds. Gradually.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bev Report 12: last week in hospital?

Stronger every day! Had some bad bouts of nausea, but that really seems to be the last hurdle. As soon as she can tolerate all meds orally she's out the door!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bev Report 11: almost tubeless

As of tomorrow, Bev will have but one tube: her IV pickline for the antibiotics and pain medication "button". She did five laps around the unit today, and was wiped out. They've stopped the "ATP" (liquid nutrition drip), so she's going to have to get all nutrition orally from now on. Kind of scary, but I think she can do it. Had some nausea yesterday and last night, and that doesn't help, but a lot of it is probably from her guts trying to fire up again. Edema is waaaay down. Pain was up today (mostly from tube removal). All in all, things are looking very hopeful. At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see her out in less than a week from now. Considering she's been there since October 7, I'd say it was about time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bev Report 10: no more drains!

Yep, the drains came out day before yesterday, so that agony is behind us. Still a bit sore where they were, but nothing like still having them in. The only Borgness left is basically a small bundle of IV tubes. Once those are gone, she'll be able to get around much more easily. Sleeping a bit better, but still fighting edema. Very tender all over. Still having some trouble with nausea. Very impatient to get better and get home, understandably.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bev Report 9: moving ahead

Still trying to get nausea under control, but yesterday they tried a new med that actually worked. Drain(s) may come out tomorrow. Plied her with Indian food yesterday and she ate more than I've seen her do in a month. They told her she could go outside today: bonus! Back is really sore, but mine would be, too, after a month in bed. We'll be heading to the hospital in a few hours. I'm going to bake pumpkin pies first, since she can eat now...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bev Report 8: more progress

Hope everybody had a ballistic Guy Fawkes day last night! What? You don't celebrate the 5th of November? I know it's a British thing, but I totally support the sentiment that oppressive governments should be resisted.

Anyway... Gordo visited this morning and reports more improvement. There was an incident with a really rude, insensitive nurse last night, but other than that things are better.

A-M is planning on visiting Saturday in the first half of the day. I'll carpool in with her, and we'll take a stick blender and whiz up some Indian food for her. I'm going to make raita, because I think mine is better than the watery stuff we get at the restaurant.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bev Report 7: forward again

One drain removed tonight! Another probably in the morning, and that last awful horrible one on Friday. YAY! White count coming down. Able to eat more. Very tired and may need some more blood, but that's no big deal.

Bev Report 6: the saga continues

Have just been too tired and frazzled to post info. Sorry. Another drain put in night before last, this one "more painful than all the others put together." Yes, the gradual conversion to full Borg status is happening again. No cranial implants, yet. I finally sat in on a dressing change for the abdominal wound, and it was a real Cronenberg (not my favorite film director) moment. They've left the incision wide open in case they have to go back in. They just change the gauze "caulking" every day. Let's just say that I can report with accuracy that our favorite jouster has no belly fat, and very lean muscles.

Lots of pain yesterday. When I got there a bit after three she was dark around the eyes. She has no memory of returning from the procedure the night before and the consequent dressing change. I'm glad, because she was in screaming pain for a lot of it (she has a healthy grip, if nothing else!). Late in the afternoon they finally gave her an anti-inflammatory. Took a while to kick in but it really helped. They boosted the dosage on the "pain button"...but now it's so high that she gets nauseous if she uses it too often. Need to find a middle ground.

The head of surgery is reviewing her case/chart in order to offer a second opinion on the progress. He's a good guy. Right now it looks like they won't be putting her completely back together for about a year, so there will be no jousting for her until 2010. As soon as she can move around and eat real food she can go home. I don't see it happening this week.

She's been in the hospital for exactly one month as of Friday. Keep praying for healing of all infection and more importantly for her spiritual condition.