Friday, January 12, 2007

Second Life update

Well, my love affair with the Star Trek afficianadoes of Second Life has cooled considerably. I'm just weary of the barely socialized geek factor. Trying to engage most of them in conversation is an excercise in futility, and the tactical events I tried were giant clusters. Can we say "no military training"? Gack. I'm still maintaining my "membership" in the group, but I've discovered a much happier place...Caledon.
Yes, I'm back in the 19th century, where my serious historical re-enacting began, anyway. What a joy this place is. People with social skills! People who dress like civilized ladies and gentlemen! People who can string polysyllabic words together in a coherent fashion! Beautiful architecture and actual zoning!
It's not strictly "19th c", but a kind of steampunk Jules Verne-y sort of place. Fine by me!

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