Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spring Training Continues

Gryphon is fattening up. Here's a photo of him from yesterday with "Lady Devon" getting ready for a run down the list. Compare this to one month ago. The photo angles are different, and you can't see it in this shot but his ribs are not longer painfully visible. More at the Rittmeister's blog...

This coming weekend is the local SCA chapter's June Fair, mundanely known as the Pt. Gamble Medieval Fair. We'll be doing some horsey demos in conjunction with the Madrone Equestrian Guild (SCA). Good folks. Easy commute. Yay! Weekend before last we had the good folks, hellish commute situation: not "yay". Six hours each way to Toppenish in Eastern WA and dirt and foxtails. Ugh.

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