Monday, December 03, 2007


Yes, it's Washington, but rain here is usually pretty wimpy. It's a total deluge at this point. Every watercourse is flooding or about to. Culverts are over capacity. There are landslides, washouts, and standing water in general all over the PNW in general and our county in specific. My parents' basement has flooded and I spent the evening moving everything out of a bedroom so the carpet could be pulled up before it molds, while my brother vacuumed up vat after vat of water with his super shop vac.

The power could go out at any moment because of the high winds.

Can I have the snow back?


  1. I've been keeping you Washington folks in my prayers. The snow sounded beautiful (but also scary for driving) but now this deluge of rain has me a bit worried. I heard there's supposed to be five feet of water on parts of the 5 fwy up there... Be safe!

  2. 5 FEET! Yikes! I'm glad somebody is paying attention to the news. I never turn on the TV and I listened to a music stream on my computer all day yesterday, so I guess I have to rely on a fellow blogger from CA for my reports.

    The snow was nothing, really. I've lived in Minnesota, so I just think it's funny (or pathetic or exasperating, depending on the situation) when folks around here freak out over a couple of wet, melty flakes. I drove in it in my VW cabriolet and couldn't even FORCE my car into a spin! Empty parking lots are good for those kind of shenanigans, but it was a dismal failure. :-(