Monday, February 04, 2008

Week Old Weather Report

It snowed exactly a week ago. Here is photographic evidence. I'm slow getting these up because I've been switching computers and everything is topsy-turvy.

We don't often get actual fluffy snow, usually just wet glop, due to our residing at about altitude 200' and adjacent to a large body of salt water, so this was noteworthy.

For the concerned amongst you, I knocked the snow off of that twisted willow (and the dogwood and other fragile shrubs/trees) right after I snapped these pics. It was just too painful looking. Even so, I love a morning with fresh snow: silent, clear, cold, and clean except for the smelly horses staring holes in my back because I'm taking pictures and not feeding them RIGHT NOW BECAUSE WE'RE DYING! After they were saved from starvation and turned out, they immediately rolled in the snow and looked like quadrupedal yeti.

Actual photo of Gordon working in the yard! Well, on the deck. First time we've had to shovel snow since we moved here almost three years ago. The snow lasted for almost five days, which is very surreal for the above reasons.

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