Thursday, June 12, 2008

Klondike update

This just in re. the Klondike Bar contest, from the director:

Hello everyone!

We need your vote every day to stay up on top! We need to move up on the TOP rated video list, so far we are on the second page!!

I hope you all have sent a message to your friends and family to vote by now!

Sunday June 15, is the cutoff date for this judging period, we have a good chance of being chosen June 23! I have only seen one video that comes close to ours in quality (the old truck which is leading us by the way) it really does not show the product very much and is too long for a commercial.

Anyway, we need to give it our best shot, have your friends and family put some comments under the video as well!

One more thing, I have just uploaded the video to another category “Did you see that” (thumbnail of John on the train) so if they approve it tomorrow (Friday) it should be on top for “most recent video” through the weekend!! Make sure you vote for BOTH videos when going on the site and please let your friends and family know to vote for both as well.

NOTE: The more important one at this point is the one under the “Laugh” category (with Melissa waving) because it has the most votes right now. When anyone types in “EXPRESS” in the search function both videos will show up.

Everyone really needs to get involved, lets win this thing!

Thank you for all your effort,


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