Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Hope you're having an alien-free, indigestion-free, bug-free day! I myself am enjoying peace and quiet at the moment, bearing in mind that I may be tranquilizing a horse and/or calling 911 before the day is through. Anybody who might be thinking about driving down the main road near our property and hurling unnecessarily loud incendiaries out your window? Don't do it, k? last year two horses had to be put down* in this part of Washington State because of catastrophic injuries resulting from spooking over loud fireworks. My tolerance for loud noise after hours is zero already, do please don't make me call The Man. I've only had to do so twice so far this year. Do we really need artillery practice after 10:00 PM? No, we do not. Last year I'd already called five or six times by the 4th. I think the local fuzz have perhaps made it clear to the Tribe Next Door (literally) that annoying the curmudgeonly white settlers across the road is bad PR, so things have been a lot quieter this year.

I don't care what they do all day, as long as it's not ridiculously loud. On the 4th and New Years, I expect some hubub...just don't push it too far after midnight, please. The rest of June/July/December? Knock it off! Some of us moved to the country for actual peace and quiet.

* That's a euphemism for "killed humanely", in case you haven't run into the term before.

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