Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let's Pants!

What can I add to this? Except to say that it kind of sums up my experiences teaching English in Japan many years ago. Yes, it can be that surreal. Japan as a whole can be that surreal.

For instance, this photo (also from the same guy's blog) illustrates one of my fonder memories of life in Japan: the Japanese 7-Eleven convenience stores. If you look carefully, you can see the glass humbow steamer sitting on the counter by the cash register. Anytime I wanted a steamed bun, I could dart into a 7-Eleven and grab one for a few yen! This shot is really evocative for me: the tile-esque pavement of the sidewalk, the diamond-deck ramp over the rain gutter, the skinny girls in short skirts. At least they're not little boys in tiny shorts! This was probably shot late at night, not too long ago, and I can just feel the humidity and smell the sewage. Yes, you catch whiffs of sewage even in downtown Tokyo. Lots of different smells, but that one was always a reminder that Japan is basically the world's most overpopulated "village" in the world.

But anyway...


Thank you. Won't you?


  1. Neb, I had no idea you'd spent time in Japan. How fascinating.

  2. Yup, back in '89-ish...lived there for a year. Very interesting experience. I was young and dumb, but managed to stay alive. Would love to go back and visit...with plenty of money. Nothing is cheap there. Met some really nice folks. Only a few culture clashes. Learned some life lessons. Rescued a LOT of abandoned animals (grrrrr).