Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bev Report: 5

I was too tired to post when I got back from the hospital last night. If I had made an entry, it would have been "orange alert", because she had another semi-emergency procedure to remove "hot" material from her abdomen. This time they just stuck in a needle and drew out some stuff, then put in a couple of drains: one in her abdomen, another in her diaphragm. Yes, we're turning into a Borg again.

The good news is that today she's doing better. More alert, more mobile, and fever coming down. The pain is being managed, and they're allowing soft foods. She tires easily, but it's good that she's to the point where she can tire herself, frankly. If we can go two or three days without another crisis, then I think we're on our way.

Keep praying. We're on a cusp, here.

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  1. This poor gal (and you too!) have been through so much. It's unreal.