Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bev Report 14: home at last

This is pretty belated, sorry, but Bev came home last Friday (two days ago). It was a bit abrupt, and we went into high gear when she told us she'd be checking out in a few hours. We had to put a bed together for her and do a couple of other things to get her house ready. Luckily, her husband really came through and did some major cleaning: yay!

Then we hosted a Civil War Cavalry Training thing Saturday and today, so we were a bit preoccupied. Anyway, she's home and doing much better. Pulse is down, anxiety is gone, edema is pretty much gone, and she's sleeping through the night. Oral meds are keeping up with the pain, too. Now she can really start healing.


  1. Excellent news that will make for a VERY happy Thanksgiving.

  2. No kidding! We're making Thanksgiving dinner at their place, since she really can't travel anywhere just yet. There is much rejoicing.