Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New US President Brouhaha

No scholarly analysis here, just an observation. What is the DEAL with the level of HYPE and hyperbole concerning our newest President (in the USA)? You'd think we'd just been invaded by benevolent aliens who were ushering in the dawn of universal enlightenment, longevity, hyper-intelligence, and free chocolate for all.

Obama is just another politician, and kind of a noodle-y one, at that. Since he doesn't seem to have any of his own opinions, folks assign their own to him. I'll be interested to see where this all goes. Six months from now I don't think people are going to be petitioning the Pope for canonization (like they seem to be, now). I honestly don't see how this presidency is going to be any different from those that have gone before. Maybe I'm just pessimistic. We'll see.

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