Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, a giddy romantic holiday for some, a depressing reminder of lost (or not yet found) love for others, an annoying additional gift-giving day for non-gifty spouses and SOs everywhere. I've always liked this "holiday", even when I was single and sad. My dad always gave us heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates on V-Day, so I guess I was programmed to like it.

What? You're grumpy today (like the irritated bikkie above left)? Why? Did somebody give you one of these heart-bum cakes?

Or maybe one of these, um, it's a, hm. Sorry, having an Eraserhead moment...

My favorite is this little Emo number here. Nicely rendered, but a tad pessimistic, don't you think? Suddenly I have that "nobody loves me, everybody hates me" ditty running through my head. Can't imagine why. Nothing says "Be mine" like whining!

Of course, these lovely confections are courtesy of Cake Wrecks. See more, erm, creative efforts here and here.

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