Monday, April 20, 2009

How does the Faire fair?

The Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire will actually go on this year (yay!)...but it will be in far-away Buckley (boo!), so I don't see the Warhorse Guild participating this year. We never make book, anyway, and commuting that far would be more than the pocketbook can allow. That, plus "Lady Devon" is still recovering from her ghastly hospital stay last Fall, and not really in any condition to donn armor, pick up a Zoppe-weight lance, and charge down the tilt.

I had an attack of the sillies and made a little "what if we DID decide to do faire this year?" short, which I present here. Fans of the Richardson version of "Charge of the Light Brigade" will get the obscure "noddles/doodles" reference.

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