Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lip color with sunscreen on the cheap!

I just spotted this new spf 15 lip color from Wet n Wild at the drug store yesterday and bought one even though Paula Begoun hasn't reviewed it yet. It actually has real SPF ingredients (oxybenzone and octynoxate) so I'm guessing it really will protect your pout. There's a good amount of pigment for the price, but it's super greasy and will need to be re-applied throughout your day. I'm fine with that, because it's Wet n Wild, folks: $3. Tip: use lip liner before applying. This not a barely-tinted gloss, but a decent lipstick; the lip liner will help keep the color from bleeding into any lines around your mouth. I'm trying "Bare-ly Legal" (sigh...the names they give these things) and it's a nice muted earthy warm color that looks good for day time...which is when you need a lip color with sunscreen. The only really negative thing about this product that I can see so far is the packaging: why the packing-tape-esque sticker sealing this thing? Once removed, it leaves the expected gooey mess. I can clean it off with WD40, but why should I have to do that?! Oh well. Again: $3.

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