Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sarah over at Going Jesus is on a roll with her "scary Christmas" theme. It started with goofy nativity scenes but has branched out into a creepy "Jesus doll" as well (am I right? Huh?). If you've been burning the midnight oil wondering how to remove the last remaining vestiges of meaning and dignity from this blessed holiday, look no further. You'll need kleenex if you're a weepy laugher. My favorite (?) so far is the "Chicken Family Creche": gack.


  1. My loathing for Christmas (as it is now) grows every year. This season I'm trying to avoid watching television or listening to the radio in case I have a stroke. It started in October. I must weep now.

    (By the way, thanks for updating your blogroll link :).)

  2. I was in San Francisco back in September, and was absolutely floored to see Christmas decorations starting to go up! I'm so glad my family always focused on the historical (as in 2000 years ago) aspects of the holiday and not the rampant commercialism that started only 100 years ago or so.

    As a kid, I did a lot of "squirming with impatience" on Christmas eve, when my family celebrated Christmas. First, we always went to church before our big family dinner in the evening. As a kid it just seemed like an interruption to an otherwise fabulous day...but now I'm so glad we did that because it forced us to slow down and focus on the real reason for the holiday. Then, after supper, we had to clear up first (ugh) then sit and sing carols and hymns, re-perform any Christmas pageanty stuff we'd done at church, and then some adult(s) would read the Christmas story from Luke. Only after we sang "Jingle Bells" would Santa show up (suspiciously not long after an Uncle would disappear to "pick up more bread" or something). After he had emptied his sack we were allowed to start opening presents!

    I like Christmas a LOT. I suppose if we had kids we'd be struggling a lot more with the rapacious commercial aspects, but since we don't, and also don't turn on the TV except to pop in a DVD, we're spared most of the nonsense.

  3. Neb, I saw the best thing in Canada: "bear-tivity" with, you guessed it, all of the major characters represented as Canadian Black Bears. I totally almost bought it for you (just kidding). It was kind of awesome, in an awful kind of way. Those crazy Canucks!

  4. I like the inflatable holy family. Damn cool- and wipe clean, which is particularly handy for when someone's uncle dresses up as santa and "empties his sack", as you so aptly put it.