Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...!

Tomorrow is the milestone day: we can start moving in to our new house. Today we bought two gallons of primer to seal in the scary pink in the bedrooms. This morning I made a temporary "cat befuddler" (modelled on those cone things they put on mooring lines to keep rats from climbing them into ships) out of an empty kitty litter container: Hattie keeps trying to climb up to the birdhouse on the pole at the corner of the NE paddock to eat the barn swallows. Bad kitty. No biscuit. I'll make a nice cone out of some old copper sheeting my dad saved from a project and mount it permanently at some point. If Hattie can climb up there, then Gimli will be up five minutes after he's let outside for the first time. The plastic thingy will do for now. I like the swallows: they eat bugs.


  1. Good for you. I've been wondering how things were going. Do you have coyotes up there? I have been told that coyotes will eat cats, and, of course, the cats have no idea what a coyote is.

  2. Oh yeah: coyotes, foxes, coons, bears, vicious rose-eating deer, eagles, hawks. Needless to say, kitties do not go out at night any more (Eric is coping fairly well, all though he still tries various ploys to get out as the sun is going down). If we're going to be away during the day they really don't need to be out at all, at least Beany doesn't. She's blindingly white and might as well have "eat me now" painted on her back. She's so dim that she thinks she can sneak around in green grass dressed in snow camo. Luckily she doesn't really care where she is as long as she has a comfy place to curl up.

  3. I guess different rules apply when out in the boonies. Hope your critters do OK, they should though. Actually things can be quite dangerous for cats around here, too, because we got lots of raccoons and possums.