Saturday, June 11, 2005

Huzzah! (& all that...)

Today we tried our third Medieval/Renaissance Faire type thingy (well the first one was technically just an SCA event, "Maypole", but that's nitpicking), and each one has been ever so slightly better than the last. We're still feeling a bit overdressed, so here's hoping the Washington Faire in Gig Harbor this August (it's supposed to be the local "biggie") is more up to speed. Pop-up tents and pirates are getting old really fast. It sounds promising, as we spoke to the merchant coordinator for the WA Faire and apparently they're buying land and will go to a permanent site as of next year. No more pop-up tents: huzzah! (If I say that again Dr. Forrester is going to punch me..."Take that, you community theater reject!!") On the other hand, they are calling it the Renaissance Fantasy Faire, which worries me. O well, bring on the fairy wings and leather boys, I can handle it.

Let's see, we ran into at least three people we knew from other gigs: A buddy who works with the Seattle Knights, whom Gordon worked with on The Postman, a reenactor guy and his troupe of Shakespearean Actors we knew from various gigs in California, and another guy we've worked for doing workshops for schools (in CA). The last guy is pictured above (right) as "Robin Hood", in whose guise he is performing stories for this Faire.

Next week: Port Angeles Pirate Festival! Pretty much the same cast & crew...slightly different costuming. Time to scrub the rust off the cutlass...


  1. Yup, we're working on it. Between getting the garden in (I know I'm late...) and doing odd jobs, I'm just pooped...