Monday, July 11, 2005

Diggin in the dirt

So much gardening, so little time. Finallly staked out the north fenceline and am moving plants in to place...after removing the very dense, heavy sod. Ow.

The sod chunks are filling in the various divots in the lawn.

Meanwhile: Aethelred (the Silver Seabright rooster) is learning how to crow. He sounds like a very tiny model-T horn.

The corn was not "knee high by the 4th of July", but then it had a late start. Perhaps it will be knee high by the 4th of August, which doesn't rhyme but who cares.


  1. Just thought you'd want to know that MovieWhore was banned from FC a couple of weeks ago for stalking and posting the name of a user called I_Magnificent_Bastard.

    He changed his IP address to get around the ban and got his precious MovieWhore moniker taken away from him and his new IP was banned.

    He started posting on FC again yesterday. Also, he's finally admitted that the job he claimed he got a couple of months ago doesn't exist. He's claiming that it fell through. Of course no one believes that for a minute.

  2. I had heard that there was some kind of hoo-hah over at FC, and I was aware of the ban. Not particularly surprising, as anybody who puts that much negative energy into anything, and thrives on negative energy himself, is bound to be bitten by it at some point.

    We were also aware of the job thing falling through. I realize that many people at FC derive an enormous amount of entertainment from needling MW, but I really think anybody with any kind of integrity is better off staying out of that cesspit. There are so many better places to "hang out" on the web. Seriously: do yourself a favor and leave FC to the 14 year old boys pretending to be CEOs, talking dirty, and trying to impress each other by masquerading as worldly-wise Don Juans (as well as the ones who aren't masquerading).