Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Time Travel on Horseback

I can't remember when I've had such a cool "historical" experience! Mr. Frye and I spent last weekend in Orting at the local SCA's "Lionheart's Tournament", which had plenty of equestrian stuff to keep us busy. We ran a "challenge course" which was kind of an obstacle/confidence course on horseback with tasks to perform like tilting at the quintain, picking fruit, and spearing a "pig" (made of foam). Everybody should have a cute "lance girl" to hand up weapons (above R). More info on Gordon's blog. Bonus: I finally qualified as an "Advanced" rider in the SCA, which means I can participate at any gait now. Also, somehow we managed to win a costuming contest that we didn't know we'd entered. Huzzah! For a cool little movie of our cavalry charges, go here.
More horsy types, including Queen Angharad of An Tir (back center) and Anne-Marie whom Gordon has chatted with online for ages...and now we've met! (photos by Guillaume)

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