Saturday, August 06, 2005

Chicks with Sticks

Today we visited the Washington (state of) Renaissance Fantasy Faire in Gig Harbor. As per the curve that we've been experiencing since moving up here, this one is several degrees better than the last fair thing we've attended. As an extra bonus, a friend of ours is riding with the jousting contractors this year, so we thought we'd go show our support. That's her in the picture (the blonde on the right, the other person with cascades of hair is a guy, believe it or not). She's no stranger to the sport, and has her own outfit for doing shows and demos, the Warhorse Guild. The head honcho of this particular outfit was shy riders and enlisted her help for this gig, so she thought she'd give it a go, despite rumours that the arena on site is somewhat less than ideal (which is indeed the case). So far, so good. This guy likes to use really heavy shields and lances, so she had some trouble "steering" the darn pig-sticker, but she's hanging tough. For more thoughts on our day, visit Gordon's blog.
(and there she goes again...!)

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