Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gimme Some Skin!

I was going to title this entry "No sex, please, we're gardeners!", but the thing is there's really no sex, per se, going on here. Seems that the Kitsap County extension of the Washington State University Master Gardeners decided to do a little fundraiser a la the protagonists of the recent film Calendar Girls. In other words, a tasteful calendar populated with nudes cleverly disguised by creative prop placement. Even though this concept was run by the head honcho out at WSU, the finished product was apparently just too wacky for the staid home office and the calendar is now "Banned in Pullman"! The horror! This is just soooo Victorian. Here's the story from our local newspaper. As one commenter says there, "You see more skin at the mall!" Seems as though the calendar is selling like hotcakes. Was it all a clever plot to stir up interest? The conspiracy theorist in me wonders...

Personally, I really like the above photo. It reminds me of the hand-tinted images done at the turn of the (last) century, right down to the "negative scratch" rain. Bring 'em on, I say!


  1. nice post .... keep it up...
    have a great weekend....

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  3. One more thing that I almost forgot.

    Earlier today, there was a long thread about all of this on FC. It got deleted, but at one point, MovieWhore said two could play at this game and posted a link to G and C's divorce on the San Joaquin county records site.

    I think it really ticked him off when everyone's response was "Divorce. So?"

  4. FC: I removed my post because it didn't make any sense after I removed the other comments to which it referred. I removed those comments because they contained a lot of personal information links and I'm not interested in hosting that kind of material.