Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm a leaf on the wind...

Just saw Serenity. I am now serene, sort of. Kick butt movie. Nathan Fillion is the new Harrison Ford. He's the man. If I weren't married I think I'd move to LA and stalk him (just kidding)...except he lives in Edmonton, oops.

Adam Baldwin is the man, too. Can there be two? As usual I want both Inara's and Zoe's wardrobe.

Wowie zowie. Firefly fans: be sure to sit through ALL the credits for your karaoke oppportunity. Thought they left out the theme song? Ha!


  1. I just got back and already I want to see it again... Like, NOW! I agree with you about Mal - SWOON. Oh, and there's more than two... Are you telling me the doctor lacks hotness?! Oh my, I'll take all three!

  2. Oh, Simon is swell, too. I've always liked him...but I'm more into the big rugged guys, you know? That's why I married one! :-)

    Adam's the one Gordon worked with on "The Patriot". He is totally cool in person, too. As is Fillion (whom I only met at a convention).