Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Year at the Movies

Great read, especially if you love movies and the film-going experience! Kevin Murphy can write up a storm. Two thumbs way up. More when I'm done fixing my stupid car...grrrrr....

When I was in high school and college I used to work on my own car. I liked to work on my own car/boat/etc. While I still like to fool around with a boat (when I have one), I have lost the joy of working on my car. I don't have the urge to spend a day cracking my knuckles against a cold engine block and fighting with stuck bolts and crawling around in the dirt under a very greasy mini-Borg-like glob of mechanical mess. I don't need to feel cool, impress "the guys", and otherwise prove my self-sufficiency anymore.

There are so many things I'd rather be doing. Digging in my garden, for instance, or sewing, or putting up fences, or building a henhouse, or doing bookish researchy things. Anything! I just want the car to work. I want to get in, depress the clutch, turn the key, and zoom off to the library/nursery/fabric store like Batman on a mission. Did Batman spend his afternoons under the Batmobile? No! I don't think even Alfred did, come to think of it. Where's my VFX Dept.?!

Why this litany of rage? My truck has, to be technical, busted a gasket (or something) in the power steering area. I think the seal around the shaft to the impeller thingy is fritzed, because the fluid just runs right out along it, and I kind of need that steering concept to function. Of course it's a "take it to the shop" thing, because I guess you need a special tool to pull the pulley. $$$$$ Gack. So....I'm stranded while The Man is at work every day, unless I can get the VW running. The VW that sat for two years in California (another long story). The VW that coughed and sputtered all the way up here from CA because it sat for two years and I'm guessing has a totally gummed up fuel filter. So I'm replacing the plugs and soon as I can find the filter. Those clever Germans have hidden it somewhere, which is amazing since it's the size of an oil filter! So I'm digging out my coveralls and looking for my tools, and I'm not particularly enthused. I know I'll feel great about it when I'm done, but right now I'm just annoyed.

Oh, and my computer mouse died, perhaps in sympathy for the rodents the cats have been eliminating, so I'm reduced to the carpal tunnel horror of the trackpad on my laptop. The agony.

OK, I know, there are children in Ethiopia who don't even have a laptop, so... I'll shut up now and go out to the garage. I'm very thankful for my lovely garage, by the way. It has lights, a concrete floor, a fancy door, window, and two power roll-up doors. It's very swanky. If you have to work on your car, you should have a garage this nice. Just wanted to end on a positive note.

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