Sunday, June 04, 2006

Horsing Around Again

While Gordon was away at his Western Desert Society get together, I helped with the local Medieval Faire by providing a couple of horses and myself for the equestrian events. Gordon's jousting buddy Bevin supervised and did the enormous favor of trailering said horses back and forth from the fair. She also let me ride her big boy, Jaran (see photo), after Taxi had had enough (poor old guy).

Woody only broke two of my toes by jumping stepping out of the trailer and onto my foot last night. I guess I should get out of the way in the future.


  1. Excuse the intrusion, but I thought you might like to share this.

    In case you didn't know, FC closed, and a new board was started by one of the users. For at least the last week, James has been posting from early in the morning till about midnight, and it's become apparent that he doesn't have a job.

    He claims he has some camera equipment he's trying to sell, so if you guys are in need of anything, I'm sure he can cut you a good deal. ;)

    Apparently things are getting grim. He was asking about how to get reception on his TV because he no longer has cable, and today he posted this.
    Today 03:50:05
    Fish Taco

    PayPal me $500

    I dare you.

    Since he started the thread, he can delete it, but several people have saved a copy of what's been posted so far.

  2. Well, while I'm not surprised by any of that information, I can not qualify it as "interesting" any longer. MW ceased to be a part of my world long ago, and I prefer things that way.