Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Independence Day Blast

For the first time in my life I participated in a parade as something other than a uniformed color guard! Yay! Not that I don't LOVE being in a color guard, but Sea Scouts was a long time ago...

Claudine, my dance teacher buddy, roped me into doing the Bainbridge Is. 4th of July parade with her students, and it was a hoot. Left is my picture from the local paper: mouth wide open, of course. A rare photo of me NOT eating!

On another note, one of the aspects of the 4th that used to amuse me has lost its luster: fireworks. We live in an area where unsafe & insane pyro is rampant. It's not that I'm against going "boom", mind you, I just think there's a time and place for everything. The middle of the night, when I'd like to be asleep and NOT worried about the horses going crazy and crashing through fences, is not the time, thankyouverymuch. We ended up giving our old horse, Taxi, some light meds to calm him down. The dog we're "babysitting" ended up in the house with us. Thanks to SCIENCE! there are air freshening substances to deal with puppy pong (poor old guy).


  1. Oakland has been amazing for illegal fireworks! Nothing like it in Stockton, that's for sure.

  2. You know me (and your dad), we're all in favor of making loud booms...just not in the middle of the night and around livestock. I called the cops last night around 10:30 because they were starting up again AND driving around with their nasty sub-woofers blaring away (yes, we're right next to the Res: our version of the "hood"). Things quieted down pretty quickly after that.