Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Frightful Weather

Yes, it's snowing again. Granted it's wet, fitful snow and will likely melt by afternoon, but still...

My rhubarb is coming up, so I put some more manure around it for good measure. I have three plants, but is that really enough? I saw some bare-roots for sale at Valley Nursery for cheap the other day. As soon as I have a few dollars to rub together I'm going to get one or two of them. I can't help but remember when we lived in wretched central valley, California, and I tried to grow rhubarb. It was so hot in the Summer they just fried in the concrete-like ground, and then in Winter they rotted in the concrete turned to slime. A potted rubarb cost me over $14 at a nursery in Nevada (the nurseries in California just glazed over when I asked, as though I had requested a Venusian Liquid Metal slime mold or something).

Rubarb: it's not just for breakfast.

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