Thursday, March 01, 2007

Awfully BRIGHT outside...

This is why we don't take off our snow tires until March or so...

The chickens hate the snow, and are all in the barn thank you very much.

The cats are mostly in the house. Beany hasn't gone out but maybe three times since October (she thinks she's delicate). There are Gimli tracks making a beeline for the barn as per usual. Eric made a foray, but even though he's a pretty large cat, the snow is just about up to his tummy. Very disquieting! He went directly to the dry spot under the awning where I feed the chickens in bad weather. He was waiting, I think, for the little brown birds to come clean up the spilled corn. They saw him sitting there and stayed in the lilacs. I went and picked him up and brought him back inside. Catz.

The horses were baffled: no place to roll! Woody rolled anyway and came up looking like a snow sculpture until he shook it off. It's really beautiful outside, and I wish I had a better camera with which to share it! Here's a snapshot of my little wattle fence project, anyway.

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