Monday, June 11, 2007

June Faire Vid: Warhorse Guild

Edited together a little short thingy of our first public outing of the year. June Faire for us is basically a dress rehearsal with an audience or dressed-up practice for horses and riders. Still, it's a nice event because it's just across the bay from us and a whopping eight minute drive:

Just thought I'd mention that this is the longest short I've ever put together so far. I'm slowwwwly getting the hang of editing, and since I'm using Win Movie Maker I'm already getting frustrated with its limitations. Still, it gets a product out, and since I'm basically just making a video diary of personal and Warhorse Guild endeavors it's ok. For now.

Update 01-08-09: I just looked at this vid for the first time in months and noticed that I totally left Squire Robert Cannon (of Ravenrook) out of the credits! Yes, that's him holding Woody's head under the opening titles. D'oh!

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