Saturday, June 23, 2007

19th Century Ramblings

This weekend has been the annual Civil War shindig in the town across the bay from us, so we paid a few calls. On Friday night we rode into the woods and met up with a party of Union soldiers on patrol. They very appropriately "asked" us to accompany them (after checking to see if our weapons were loaded, being good soldiers), and we marched with them for a bit. I surreptitiously shot a few seconds of video in the deepening twilight. There would be more, but I didn't want to wave a camera around and "pop their bubble". Yes, we were in full 1860s civilian kit, including the horse tack. They were doing a "primitive" total immersion operation, and spent the night bivouacked in the forest. We rode with them for a few miles but eventually bid them good night, much to their surprise as they thought we were with the Civil War organization, and rode back to the trailhead in the dark: an adventure for us and the horses! There was a bit of a moon last night, but between clouds and deep forest, it was verrry dark and spooky. I'm glad horses have good night vision, because I have none at all.

Today (Saturday), we visited the camps as the characters we portrayed last night and had fun visiting with folks we had met on the trail. Later, we went home to change into evening kit, and I magically turned into a girl. In SL I can magically snap a photo whenever I want, in RL I actually have to pull out a camera, so of course I didn't get anything of the dance from which we just returned. These shots of us back at home will have to suffice.

Gordon is a bit trans-decade with his Mexican war jacket and Indian wars cap and boots, and I'm wearing my 1860s tea gown with an 1850s hairdo. How's that for being eclectic? We still looked pretty spiffy, I think (so do the cats, apparently).

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