Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And then it rained...

Don't often get honest to goodness thunderstorms around here, but we sure did last night! The weather was supposed to be nasty all day yesterday, but instead it was just a bit overcast with the occasional drop of rain. Quite nice, actually. In the afternoon the sky looked "disturbed", and if it had been hot during the day, I would have expected some serious weather. We got the weather anyway.

Around 2300 I began to hear rumblings. I decided to interpret it as God saying, "Get off of eBay and go to bed, you moron." So I hit the shower. By then there was actual lightening and loud thunder, so I lit a candle in case of a power outage while I was under the hose. When I turned off the water the shower noise didn't stop because it was now raining cats and dogs. More thunder and lightning. I put on some oilskins and checked on the animals, turning on the heat lamp for the chickens and turning up the radio and some lights in the barn for the horses. I probably needn't have bothered, as all three of them were doing their stoic Midwesterner impressions, standing out in their paddocks in the rain, blinking at each other saying, "Well, that's different I guess." No complaints, I'm glad we don't have spooky horses.

The "storm" continued for another hour or so, and I went to sleep to gradually diminishing meteorological disturbance.

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