Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Storm a comin'

Looks like we're going to get the first big blow of the season sometime late tonight and into tomorrow. The jet stream is diverting our way, pushing down from the NW and into the center of the western states...which means Texas and points east are in for a rough ride. I need to get off my hinder and finish the cat door and chicken doors (in the henhouse, of course).

Update, 21:38: Got a temp hatch on the ventilation hole in the henhouse (read: put a hinge on the polygonal chunk that Bev cut out several months ago and slapped it back up with some roofing material as an additional rain-shedding device.) The cat door is crudely in place. The cats did NOT help... It just needs weatherstripping around the edges, and shimming around the actual cat flap (it's built to sit in an actual exterior door, not a piece of 1/4" plywood). Tomorrow is another day...


  1. How does one finish a door, anyway? Does that mean you need to paint them or attach them, or what? You make me feel like such a city girl sometimes. ;)

  2. Well, I suppose I should START it before I finish it. I bought the cat flap, now I just have to cut a piece of plywood to stick it into. It's going into a sliding door, otherwise I'd just be cutting a hole in a wood door. Until now I've just left the door open a few inches for them to go in and out, and then shut it in the evening to keep them IN and the predators OUT. Now it's just too cold, and the fancy "already assembled glass and steel cat/dog door" things are almost $200 each! Forget that! Just got back from my dad's house with the jigsaw. Film at eleven...

  3. Doing the same here, battening down the hatches and all.

    Hey, Crispian Cuthburdt has done something to his leg. It's hot and swollen and he's limping. Any suggestions? We've been keeping him quiet, but don't know much about chicken first aid.


  4. Sent you email re. Cuthburdt Rooster boy...