Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

Apparently absinthe is no longer illegal...in some countries. Have to look into that, not that I'm much of an imbiber, but there's just something cool and mysterious about absinthe. And it's green!

Update: Looks like this distillery in CA is on the wagon (scroll down the page 'till you see it). They're sold out at the moment, apparently, but that doesn't matter since the price is out of my range at the moment. Here's hoping that it catches on, more folks produce their own versions, and the price comes down a bit!


  1. http://www.stgeorgespirits.com/

    St. George Spirits in Alameda is producing and selling absinthe - they're a very good boutique distillery, and I'm sure it's very good quality. Too bad it's sold out!

  2. Ooh! Looks like the real thing...with a price to match (ouch). Guess I won't be buying any soon, even if they do another run. Thanks for the tip!