Friday, January 11, 2008

Absinthe Update

I was going to ad this to my earlier post, but I decided I wanted to bump my rant on drugs and suicide down a notch. At any rate, an alert reader over at my Second Life blog has thrown in her two groats on the topic, and offered a great link, which reveals the shocking truth about currently produced so called "absinthe" in the US of A! Turns out it's all a travesty, due to the 'fraidy-pants FDA's bias against little ole' thujone (the "active ingredient" in wormwood). Turns out any "absinthe" product you buy in this country has, supposedly, been scrubbed of the offending essential oil. Why a little thujone is any worse than the actual super-concentrated alcohol alone is beyond me. If somebody wants to chug this stuff and then, say, get behind the wheel, the herbal content is the least of their worries, in my opinion. Oh, well. C'est la guerre.

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