Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gimli by Zapruder

Yes, I have a cheap old digital camera...but I wanted to share the evidence of the fact that my youngest cat, Gimli, is really a monkey in cat's clothing. He climbs trees just for the heck of it-up and down all day. Big ones and skinny ones. I'll be washing dishes and he'll go darting up the tree outside the window over the sink, blink at me, lay his ears back, and continue upward. I should have named him "Tarzan"...or "Cheetah".


  1. OMG, I love the name Gimli. I have a level eleven dwarf over on MUME. If you're into LOTR, you should check it out... It's and old-skool text-based telnet RPG.

  2. Gimli the Cat: He was little, he was orange. Gimli seemed like the right name at the I'm wondering if Legolas mightn't have been better: he's so agile and fast! I've never known a cat to be such a tree monkey!