Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Our New House?

We're about to make an offer on this place up in Washington State. Five acres and a little house...plus two sheds, a two car garage & shop, stream, pond, etc. Is it time to start packing? This view is looking down at the back of the house (garage on right). This is the middle pasture, below the house is a bigger pasture on another lot that will come up for sale in two years, which would increase the whole property to 7.4 acres. The owners have no problem allowing an easement for us to use the lower pasture in the mean time. We can't really move until after Gordon's Cavalry class in April, but after that it may be time for greener pastures...literally!


  1. That place looks and sounds great. It'll be fun having the horses with you.

  2. Update 02/20/05: The owners are never going to sell this place, as they will not consider any offers lower than the asking price, which is about 100,000 too high (seriously). Poopie.

    Moving on...