Sunday, January 16, 2005

Warning: this is not a Cat Free Blog!

I just thought this was a cute picture of my Alpha Female Kat, Beany. This is how she travels with us: on her window shelf hung on the back seat of our crew-cab truck. She thinks she's in charge, and this way she can and does bark out suggestions at inopportune moments. My sister is endlessly amused at the fact that I take at least three of my cats along whenever G and I travel up to WA to visit the folks. Beany is an easy traveler and loves Grandma's house (when we're there she even prefers to sleep with my mom). Ted needs looking after because of his split diaphragm, so he goes along, spending most of the trip sitting between us in the front seat (or sleeping on top of me when I pass out). At Mom's he sits in the tall grass waiting for garter snakes to taunt him into pouncing. Gimli, the youngest, jumps straight into his doorless cat carrier in the back seat and stays parked for the entire 14 hour drive. No crying, no fussing...just happy to be safe in his little box. At Mom's he is happy to run up and down the halls and stairwell chasing wads of paper or socks with human feet in them. Other people's houses are always more interesting than your own. If we get the Indianola house, I'm sure they will all like it. As in Grandma's house, there is a nice stairway to run up and down, and lots of windows to "bird watch" out of on inclement days. Can't see any down side, really...

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