Thursday, November 17, 2005

Five on Friday: favorite film characters

Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds of Serenity — He's Han Solo but better: more witty, more jaded, more hair trigger, and just as good looking! To quote Aurorealis, "Charming albeit emotionally repressed, he’s full of contradictions. If the Firefly story doesn’t continue beyond the first movie, I am going to miss this guy big time." I concur.
Zoe Washburn of Serenity - She's calm & cool in a fight, she understands the chain of command, she looks good in a slinky dress, and she loves her man. If I were black and drop-dead gorgeous I'd be her doppleganger, because I've got all that other stuff going on already!
Eleanor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility — Just because she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve (like her sister Marianne who, to quote blogger Aurorealis "gets burned so hard that she nearly expires") it doesn't mean she has no feeling. She is the rock that stabilizes her nutty family (which I totally can not identify with). On the other hand, she has deep, deep desires and feelings and is totally blindsided by happiness eventually, which is more in my line. As an oldest child, there is much I understand in her.
Ellen Ripley of Alien - She's no-nonsense, tough, ethical, and fights for her "family" no matter how big and scary the monsters are. You can see she's scared, but she's going to take care of business no matter what. If I were a Colonial Marine I'd be jonesing for her, too!
Sam Lowry of Brazil - He decides to follow his dream, and what dreams he has! Stuck in the perversity of the grey suit ratrace, he dares to follow his bliss. He's my hero!

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  1. Excellent list, and I think it's fantastic that you chose Eleanor, too.