Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sleet Storm

Last night we experienced the first big storm of what may be shaping up to be an early Winter. Amidst flashes of lightning and crashing thunder, the heavy rain turned suddenly into hail/sleet/ice. I chased our old horse Taxi into the barn, since, being a horse, he was too stupid to come in out of the mess. Once inside I scraped the layer of sleet off of his sodden blanket. Woody (ed.: Not Twister. Can you tell I'm tired?), young, dumb, and healthy, I coaxed inside with a snack.
Eric inquires, "Why is the deck all cold and wet like slippery sandpaper?"
This morning it still hadn't melted, and I had to break ice on the chickens' water bowl!
The chickens found some dry dirt under the deck house to roll in, and, as luck would have it, it's also a nice sunny spot. From left: Emma, Aethelred, Arra/Bella (I can't tell them apart...)

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