Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter hot on St. Paddy's coat tails...

What's with the holidays stacking up so close together this year? I'm a bigger fan of Passover these days, anyway. I think a celebration of the resurrection of Christ is much needed, but Easter started out as a co-opted pagan celebration, and then the Victorians cuted it up so terribly that it's all bunnies and chickies and eggs anymore. Feh. What happened to Jesus busting out of his tomb and knocking down over a hundred Roman soldiers?! The marshmallow peeps people seem to have forgotten that part.


  1. we should SO re-enact the knocking down of soldiers with peeps.

    you know, bringing religions together harmoniously and all that....

  2. I cannot believe you haven't seen Peep Jousting...



    It's gratifying to see people who waste even more time than I do :)

  3. Here, here! I'm with you. More Jesus, less eggs and bunnies.