Monday, March 24, 2008

Starting up the horse season...

This last weekend was not exactly the first "training weekend", but it finally feels like Spring is coming so I'm calling it the opening of horse season. I'm sewing in earnest (clothes for humans and horses), Gordon and Bev are making/fixing/purchasing armor pieces, and I'll be starting work writing our shows for the Renaissance Faire in August. The horses are blowing out their Winter coats (read: shedding like snowstorms), and it's time to start getting them in condition (read: trail rides, jousting practice and cavalry drill).

The gorgeous photo of Woody and me (right) was shot by Randy Pollett, who came out to visit us instead of doing the typical model shoot he had planned for that day. The few images I've seen so far are fab, but this one gets the prize in my book. Really nice atmosphere. Thanks, Randy!

Here I am as the lone pikeman, facing down the cavalry coming at me with pistols, which I think is totally unfair.

I died, of course.

All of Guillaume's photos here...

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