Monday, March 14, 2005

Back in Stockton...for the time being

I think we may have found "The Place" to buy up in WA. No place is going to be perfect, but this one is pretty close...maybe 90%. The house could be a tad bigger, the neighbors could be further away...but by and large it's really a great find! The big barn with stalls and paddocks and a HUGE pasture is the real selling point. It's all about the critters...

In other news, while I was "up there" several weird things happened within minutes of each other on Saturday night, the 12th. First, giant flaming meteorites! Then, power outages all around Seattle! Then, a nice little earthquake (3.3)! What next? Raining toads? I missed it all because I was safely ensconced at the Poulsbo Community Center Theater watching the High School production of "Hello, Dolly!" It's a good thing I love those songs, because if I hadn't known them already I would have wondered what they were singing/saying half the time. Diction? Projection? What're those?

BTW: Mt. Rainier did NOT erupt (party pooper, I guess), although I did notice when I flew in to Seattle on Friday that Mt. St. Helens was showing evidence of her little tantrum last week. We had a really spectacular view of most of the WA/OR volcanoes and other assorted mountains. Two guys in the seats behind me were arguing about which one was St. Helens. Not very observant, those two. I don't know, when faced with a whole assortment of snowy, conical peaks, I would guess that the stumpy, messy-looking one would likely be the one that exploded. I finally turned around and said, "It's the sooty one."

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