Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Big Muck-out

We've gone in "thirdsies" with two neighbors on a 40 cubic yard dumpster. It's been here since about 0830 this morning and it's about 1/2 full already. When we inherited this place from Gordo's folks we also inherited 60+ years of accumulated stuff stored in half-baked "additions" (read: lean-tos) around the main house. Over the years leaky roofing, rats, cats & squirrels have taken their toll on the piles of mostly cardboard boxes and odd objects. When we first moved in we filled THREE 40 cu yd dumpsters one after another, now we're getting to the rest of it. Moving is a pain, but it's also a blessing in that it forces you to do "junk triage".
Since it never rains but it pours, everything is happening at once this week. Dumpster time, finishing the last of the paperwork on the new house, and prepping for the school of the soldier this weekend...and Gordo's grandson is visiting. He's a great kid and it's a good thing this visit is happening because I don't know when we'll see him and his mommy next after we move.


  1. Thank God I'm not there, I'd want to take half of the junk home with me!

  2. Oh no you wouldn't! We're not merely talking "stuff we don't want" here, it's TRASH that's been lying around rotting for 60 odd years. The other stuff will be distributed to friends (like yourself) and/or go to thrift stores. What we're doing now should have been done years ago...at least it's getting done at last.

  3. If it's that old, it's antique! Therefore collectable, not trash.

  4. The age is not the issue, it's the condition. If it's rusted or rotted beyond all recognition (to even an archeologist) then I'm afraid it's trash. Rotted 4x4's with bits of rusted chicken wire, molding 20 yr. old newspaper clippings featuring subjects of no known consequence, and half eaten cheap plastic toys covered in rat guano are all going in the round file I'm afraid. The good stuff has mostly been set aside already.

  5. If it's over 50 years old it's called patina.

  6. To continue on the "senseless junk" subject. If I dropped dead right now, they would find, sitting by my computer, a matchbox with burnt out matches inside. They would think I had completely lost it, saving burnt out matches.


    There really is a logical reason! The fancy nails holding down the strip at the edge of the carpet at the bathroom door have come loose and what you need to do is pull out the nails, stick in a piece of matchstick with a dab of carpenter's glue and hammer the nail back in. That way it will hold for another 40 years.

    So, you see, things that seem totally crazy do sometimes have a logic behind them. But I still can't come up with a reason for baggies of change.