Friday, March 25, 2005

It's Official

We have the house...and pasture, and barn, etc. I'm so tired I haven't had the energy to do the mass emailing to notify friends & family, but we are still very excited! Now we just have to work out the little detail of when we can actually move in. The "take possession" date went from "three days after closing" to "fourteen days after closing" at some mysterious point during the contract signing process. Two weeks? Um, do we just drive around in a holding pattern?! Our agent has spoken to the current owners and it turns out it will be much less time than that, and in the meanwhile we'll be able to turn the horses out there and have the moving company deposit our worldly goods in the giant garage. It still means we'll be camped out at my folks' place with five cats and three chickens...but we'll see what really happens. We're going to try to get an extension on our occupancy down here (it's not like somebody's waiting to move in, this place is going to be radically remodeled...if you know what I mean). The man just went out for more boxes. It's really finally happening and I'm actually starting to allow myself to feel the excitement.

On another note, our lunchtime and evening entertainment lately has been to work our way through the BBC mini I, Claudius. It's really well done and hardly dated at all. Patrick Stewart with hair! A young John Rhys-Davies! John Hurt...with the same gravelly, husky voice he has now (I think he's a cyborg, he never seems to change...)! If you have a really crazy or dysfunctional family (or step family or in-laws or whatever), this is a good mini to watch. It will make you feel just peachy about your own situation. If it's just the same old same old, seek police protection immediately! Grandma Livia is the original Battle Axe Potempkin Uber Dragonlady...and it just gets worse from there. Any doubt that inbreeding and lead pipes (& cooking pots) are a bad idea will be erased permanently. Any doubt as to why classical fashions for women have re-surfaced over the centuries will also be erased: they make a girl look goooooood! (I'll take Connie Neilson's entire wardrobe from "Gladiator", thank you.)

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