Monday, March 21, 2005

Happy Snapshot Memory

We're doing the big muck out/pack-up in preparation for our move north, and today I found this photograph in a box I was sorting. It's just such a cute snapshot I though I'd share it. It was taken at the Halloween party thrown by production during the location work on "The Patriot" back in '99. The pretty blonde girl worked for the Art Department head (she painted the tin soldiers and made a lot of other nice props for the film), the "rodeo cowboys" are two of Gordon's Green Dragoons, Gordo is the Delaware Indian, and I'm the squinting Afghani girl. I can't remember who snapped the pic (I think another one of the Cavalry guys...). This was the last really big show we worked on (I worked for the Armorer and never want to clean another flintlock musket again...); so many "horse opera" type films are being shot outside of the US now for financial and other reasons, it's really a shame.

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