Saturday, December 10, 2005

Home Sweet Kitchen

Another gloomy winter day in the great Pacific Northwest: ha! Sunglasses are NOT optional. I haven't put up a tree or many other Christmas decorations, yet...but I at least have the happy Christmas tablecloth in place: so there! At any rate, the house is coming along. Mom gave me a lace "insta-valence" from her house, and just putting that up on the giant, ugly aluminum kitchen window made a huge difference. It's not perfect, but it's starting to look like home instead of "weird non-committal drywall infested shoebox house one step from trailer park". Oh, yes, that is massive condensation running in rivulets down one side of the window. Why? Because I guess the previous owners felt that only one side of the double-paned window (that they apparently got at "Bargain Clown: Home") needed to actually have two panes of glass.

Someday, when I'm feeling perverse, I'll post a picture of the window over the sink that has three and a half panes. Yes, one of the outside panes is only half there, so only half of one side is running with condensation. Go team!
And now, the stock report: A little teeny hawk had a go at my chickens this morning. It did not go well for the hawk when little Emma Seabright shrieked and ran around to the aforementioned kitchen window and I darted out in time to see Mr. Chickenhawk swooping up into a nearby tree. Gordon shot at it with the BB rifle and it flew off toward the horses (no, it did not attempt to stoop on them, though I think it might have crossed its little bird brain).

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