Thursday, December 22, 2005

Santa Time

I just stumbled on this while looking for another photo on my hard drive! About this time of year, usually a bit earlier, when I was little, mom would dress us up and take us to the department store to be photographed with Santa. Back in "the day" it was the Frederick & Nelson in Bellevue, WA. Frederick's, home of Frango's, no longer exists, alas. Now you have to go elsewhere for a quality Santa photo. This one looks like it was shot when my bro' was going on two years, so that puts me at age six or seven. I'm terrible with this age/date stuff. The bunads on sis and me are from Grandma's trip to Norway. Nobody is crying, for some reason. Is that allowed?

Well, for what it's worth, here's my 2005 Christmas list (don't laugh):

Serenity DVD
Complete score for Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers & Return of the King (OK, I know I'm dreaming)
Vacuum cleaner
Serger thread
Tickets to the Bellydance Superstars
A leopard print beledi dress
A massage
Dark chocolate mint Frango’s (Bon-Macy’s) (or any other good, dark chocolate)
Firefly series DVD set
New spark plugs & fuel filter for the VW


  1. I see I was not the only child whose "dressing up" required the wear of a Dirndl! :P

  2. Oh...I thought it was soooo cool to wear that rig. I was really bummed when I grew out of it. I felt like a fairy tale denizen...