Friday, December 16, 2005

Kicking into Holiday High Gear

Having company is a great way to kick-start me into cleaning house, decorating for Christmas, and generally getting things done. This weekend Gordon's oldest daughter and her hubby are coming up for a visit, which will be cool, so it's forcing me to put some more work into the guest apartment and tidy up the house. Since my folks are in Kona with the sister/niece/bro-in-law units, I've appropriated mom's vacuum cleaner. Unlike mine, it actually vacuums. We're going to a Renaissance feast Saturday night, which is forcing me to finish up a a couple of sewing projects, too, which is forcing me to work on the sewing room.

Of course, I wasn't motivated to do anything in there until I had painted it. Yes, the last of the deep, dark, dusty rose paint is gone! GONE, I tell you! Then I'll be set to finish the Christmas gift sewing I've been putting off (because the sewing room was non-functional). It's the dreaded domino effect: I can't do X until I do Y until I do Z, etc. By the time our New Year's guests arrive we should be swimming along nicely.

As far as baking goes: I've learned not to do any serious baking unless I know people are coming over, because I have a tendency to eat all of it. Gordon will get about three cookies (or whatever I've concocted) and I just graze the rest over a period of two or three days. Then I feel icky. I'm a baked goods addict, and, unfortunately, I'm a good baker.

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