Friday, August 13, 2004

Robert Farrar Capon: my first go

There is much discussion of the writings of Robert Farrar Capon at any given time over at the Boar's Head Tavern, so I thought I'd give him a look-see. The local library didn't have much, so I'm trying Health, Money, and Love: And Why We Don't Enjoy Them. I feel like a bit of a Philistine, because I'm not "taking" to it right away, but once I get used to his style I'm sure the quality of his subject matter will shine through. Am I just an anti-Ent, or does he seem to take a long while to get to the point? Hoom hom...

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  1. One Amazon commentator calls HML the lesser cousin to Between Noon and Three, which is the book I'm reading. Just for kicks, if HML doesn't work out, give a second shot at BNAT.