Thursday, August 12, 2004

A Visit to Ye Faire...

We made the (almost) annual pilgrimage to the N Cal Ren Faire last Saturday. It was our only window of opportunity for this year, and so, of course, it was the hottest day of the faire this year! I am fated to never visit a Ren Faire in California and be comfortable. The idea of re-enacting the Renaissance in Summer in California is ludicrous to begin with, but, there it is. As usual, I have pictures of other people, but not me...and not even Gordon (oops!). The sun fried my brain and I became the Incredible Stupid Melted Person after a very short while.
I did manage to catch Hahbi 'Ru's early show (before I turned completely to slag), and it alone was worth the price of admission. They are pretty much without reservation my favorite troupe of ME dancers! If I lived closer to the Bay Area you can bet I'd be auditioning for them. Probably wouldn't make the cut, but then I'd have a good excuse to take classes from one of them! Anyway...they opened with a nifty Tunisian number (see pic above) which was SO REFRESHING after Suhaila (bless her heart) and her "solid gold dancer" choreographies. Don't get me wrong, Suhaila's troupe (pic above) is hot...but not really olde tyme dancing. Anyway...when I see a truly outstanding live performance it can literally bring tears to my eyes, and I did some significant sniffling at this show!

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